Monday, November 5, 2007

Oil, Basil and Bandaids

I am in fever to make the pesto, but I do want to use my basil oil that I "put down" a few months ago. MMMM...The rosemary oil is crystal clear and very fragrant. The basil oil is cloudy and fragrant. What to do?

When in doubt: apply heat. So I start to heat both batches of oil to be sure that is is good and safe. Of course that will mean that I need containers to hold the clean and pasteurized oil. And that means that they will need to be sterilized. And that means I have to empty the dishwasher.

All I really want to do is make pesto.

I empty, I wash, I sterilize and I heat. I triple filter and gently pour the heated oil into clean 1/2 gallon glass bottles. But I am in a hurry and that heavy duty plastic jug looks just fine.


Ouch. Ice. Cursing. Embarrassment in front of self.

I'll make the pesto tomorrow.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pesto Redoux

Several weeks ago my dd claimed my gorgeous looking basil to make pesto. I was gone for two weeks and , well "I was gonna give some to you too, Mom." Hooray, pesto I don't have to make myself!

LSS: she forgets and the basil turns to black mush in the fridge.

This morning ( up early like millions of others who just don't see the need to change time ) I was wandering in my garden viewing and mentally inventorying ( as gardeners' are want to do) when I came across a bed that my gardener had cut back for the Fall.

HUZZZA!! WHAT ARE THOSE??? Pesto is the raw: 5 lovely full grown large leaf basil plants that had been growing below and behind Cosmo Gigantus.

Late May I had a bald patch in the meridian near where I park my car. Last years seeds on sale at Big Lots. Seemed like a match made in heaven to me. Closed my eyes and mixed together 5 packets and voila. Some Unidentifiable annuals, freeway daisies and the biggest weirdest Cosmos I have ever seen. The trucks on the plant are like small trees. And now Basil...yum. And the oil will be the Basil oil I have been "brewing" for 3 months.