Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pesto Redoux

Several weeks ago my dd claimed my gorgeous looking basil to make pesto. I was gone for two weeks and , well "I was gonna give some to you too, Mom." Hooray, pesto I don't have to make myself!

LSS: she forgets and the basil turns to black mush in the fridge.

This morning ( up early like millions of others who just don't see the need to change time ) I was wandering in my garden viewing and mentally inventorying ( as gardeners' are want to do) when I came across a bed that my gardener had cut back for the Fall.

HUZZZA!! WHAT ARE THOSE??? Pesto is the raw: 5 lovely full grown large leaf basil plants that had been growing below and behind Cosmo Gigantus.

Late May I had a bald patch in the meridian near where I park my car. Last years seeds on sale at Big Lots. Seemed like a match made in heaven to me. Closed my eyes and mixed together 5 packets and voila. Some Unidentifiable annuals, freeway daisies and the biggest weirdest Cosmos I have ever seen. The trucks on the plant are like small trees. And now Basil...yum. And the oil will be the Basil oil I have been "brewing" for 3 months.

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